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Welding Inspection Services

Welding inspection typically consists of a series of quality control checks carried out by authorized welding inspectors to ensure welded joints meet required levels of quality to accomplish the purpose. Many welding inspection techniques may be applied, depending on factors such as joint configuration, specific defects of interest, material type / thickness in production environment or onsite.The qualities of a good weld generally exhibits a smooth, uniform and consistent appearance. Penetration extent of fusion into the parent material) is a significant factor as it determines the strength of the weld and therefore its load carrying capability in service.

Welding Inspection Services Provided :

  • PQR, WPS & WPQ Qualification, Review & Approval
  • Welder Qualification Test and Approval
  • BSEN 10204 3.1 Pouring Witnessing for Valve Castings
  • Pressure Testing Inspection for Valves, Pumps and Pressure Vessels Equipment’s
  • Expediting (Foundry Activities / Valve Assembly / NDT Process )

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